Contract Bridge Evolved From the English Game of Whist, But Remains Popular Today

Today, you can ask any serious card player “What is the greatest card game ever played?” Without exception, the answer you are most likely to hear is “Bridge of course!” And why shouldn’t they be so confident? Bridge is a card game enjoyed by more people around the world than any other. It can be enjoyed by a casual group of friends that get together only occasionally for an evening of cards, or it can be played more seriously at clubs, or in tournaments. Either way, you will find the game to be truly fascinating, challenging, and most importantly, always enjoyable.How did the game of Bridge evolve? Lets’ look backwards from today and discover its’ origins. When one says they play Bridge today, it is generally assumed they are talking about Contract Bridge. This version is the most popular variation of Bridge played today; other versions exist, but Contract has been the world leader for the past eighty years. We play Bridge today according to the scoring rules which were developed by Harold Vanderbilt in the mid 1920s. For the 20 years or so that preceded Mr. Vanderbilts’ revolutionary scoring system, Auction (also known as Straight ) was all the rage.If one goes further back in time, you will discover that in the late nineteenth-century the game was known as Bridge Whist which evolved from the original version of Whist some 300 years earlier in England. So there you have it in a nutshell: The game which started as Whist eventually became Bridge Whist, then briefly enjoyed popularity as Auction Bridge, then ultimately morphed into Contract Bridge which is the game we know today.Some variations of the game exist today:- Four Deal ( a.k.a. “Chicago”) as the name suggests last only four deals. Played with 52 cards.
– “Rubber” has no predetermined length, and is often played for money. Played with 52 cards.
– “Duplicate” is where the same set of hands are dealt and played by different sets of players. A game for at least eight players. Played with 52 cards.
– “Honeymoon” is designed for only two players. Played with 52 cards.Bridge cards are slightly narrower than traditional poker cards due to the fact that players are typically holding many cards in their hands at once, and are preferred by serious players. Finding a place to play Bridge should be no problem at all. nearly every town of any size has a local club already established.

Free Online Games – Games Lovers Paradise

Free games are now the new “phenomenon” everyone is hooked on, especially bored teenagers who find television shows boring with reality television not much of a draw either. In fact, this new found past-time is set to gain more ground as fast internet access becomes more and more cheap and easy to
acquire. Quickly becoming the new social hubs, it is addictive, cheap and most importantly FREE.The sheer draw of free online games has got no age or gender barriers. A recent game lovers’ age survey showed that although roughly three-quarters of their visitors ranged from 8 – 25 years, over 17% were over 35 years of age. This proves that playing games is popular with any age group and people from all backgrounds.As a result of this explosion of popularity, there are many platforms offering many kinds of free online games with no need to for downloading. As a result, gaming lovers have many possibilities available to them. Some focus on a specific genre such as adventure, action, strategy, board, or card games while
others diversify and offer a broad range of free games encompassing all the categories above.Furthermore, there are some gaming websites that are geared to offering a wide range of games in almost every genre. One such website is which offers free games in
categories such as strategy, adventure, rpg, strategy, puzzles just to name a few. It is more like a one stop shop for games only they are free. The advantages of free online games is that you can do it whenever you can spare a few minutes or during your coffee break for instance. Some of these games are educational or brainteasers, others are for pure fun. Free online strategy games, such as Sudoku, for instance test your brain intellect without needing a pen nor paper.Free online adventure games are the easiest to come by. Role Playing Games allows the gamer to impersonate a desired character while visitors can also pick an online partner to play multi-player games enhancing the very social nature of gaming. Some platforms offer a system of rating which further enhances the experience of new visitors who visit later. Additionally, specific comments can be left on games on some websites. Favourite games can be bookmarked or sent to friends or placed on
social network profiles such as Myspace.Taking advantage of this social environment, some websites offer free chat so game players can hang out and chat, making new friends and meeting people from all over the world. Once again is one such platform. The free chatroom offered by them allows visitors to create their own private rooms where they can invite their friends or new people they have met for a casual
chat. Others add more social enhancing content such as forums, downloads and games cheat to their visitors. This includes X box game cheats, PS 2 game cheats, Game boy cheats, and cheats for other platforms.On the whole, online gaming is an explosive and social environment and set to expand further in the

Bengals’ Chances of Beating Jets in AFC Wild Card Game

One of the two NFL wild card playoff matchups to be played this weekend will be the New York Jets visiting the Cincinnati Bengals. This will be an interesting game on many levels, and odds makers have a tight spread pegged, as the Bengals are projected to win by a mere 2 1/2 points.Why is the spread so tight when the Bengals clearly looked like the better team through the course of the season. Are we to believe that the Jets, who many believe shouldn’t have even made the playoffs, can cruise through this matchup to beat Cincinnati on their own turf?Well, one factor that needs to be acknowledged is the health of star wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. The revival of Ochocinco (formerly known as Chad Johnson) is believed by many to be a key factor in the bounce back year that Cincy enjoyed.After a disappointing 2008, Chad was back in full effect in 2009, posting 1,047 receiving yards and 9 touchdown catches. He was the team’s best receiver by far.Unfortunately, he hurt his knee during last Sunday’s matchup at New York against the Jets while the teams were warming up. The injury has been called a bruise, and it clearly affected him on Sunday. In fact, he wasn’t even able to play.The good news is that he practiced fully this week and appears to be ready to play. The chemistry between Ochocinco and quarterback Carson Palmer could very well be a major factor in the team’s success against the Jets on Saturday.With a 6-2 home record, Cincinnati is just about as strong as any football team in the league at home. This bodes well for the franchise. They’ve also had a rough last few seasons, so you can be sure that the fans will be full of energy and fully behind their team on Saturday.The key to the team’s success will be the ability to penetrate the dangerous Jets defense. If Carson Palmer is on top of his game, anything is possible.